The Troupe.

False Profits is actually divided into two groups – Profits and Disciples.

UNC students initially audition to be on our incubator team, “The Disciples.” After spending at least one semester being coached in standup, improv, and sketch comedy, Disciples audition to become Profits. The Disciples have one show at the end of each semester on campus and free to the public.

The Profits perform many times each semester in front of hundreds of our Chapel Hill fans. The Profits put on 2-3 of our own shows per semester and also perform at various local events. If you’d like us at your event, please go over to the Contact page and drop us a hello.


False Profits was founded by four UNC students – Kenan Bateman, Eric Clayton, Kagan Griffin & Shayne Sevigny. The four saw a need for more comedy on campus, and over an awkward meal at [B]Skis, Elegant Bullsh!t was born.

EBS2 Wait I thought the group was called False Profits…? Good catch, internet user, good catch.

Elegant Bullsh!t was actually our original name, and the logo here was actually our original logo. Look familiar?

The University wasn’t digging the implied profanity, and so they denied our University recognition until we rebranded….and False Profits was born. The color scheme and tie remain in the current logo and our uniform. FUN FACTS!
FP Logo Vector
HISTORY OVERLOAD…let’s move on…

Like comedy? So do we. False Profits is the only comedy troupe here at UNC that performs all styles of comedy – improv, standup, and sketch. So tell your parents about that. We’ll wait……. You’re back? Awesome.

Like performing? We do that. If you can show us that you have talent and passion to make people laugh, then come out to our auditions held each semester (scroll to bottom of page for more info). Then we’ll put you in front of a microphone in front of people….or something like that…

Like us? We do workshops! We also like high fives. So come high five us or take us out to dinner! Also come to our shows. We like that.

High Five,
False Profits

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