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Audition Info.

So you’ve made it to the audition page. That means you want to audition or you barely missed clicking the About page (hey go give it another shot. You’re worth it….but read this and audition first).

NO COMEDY EXPERIENCE REQUIRED! If we like your potential, we’re here to teach you! Also your audition doesn’t have to be funny. We evaluate a lot based on who we feel is coachable / would work well with our current troupe members.

We hold auditions at the beginning of every semester. Catch us Spring 2022!

Generally, we hold auditions in 3 rounds (so 3 consecutive nights). Anyone can come to open auditions, so please come! If you enjoy performing or really want to try out comedy, we’d love to meet you! We look for well-rounded comedians who can excel in all forms of comedy. So at Open Auditions, each auditionee will perform either:

-One 3-minute (max) standup set AND an improv scene with another auditionee
-Two improv scenes

We then argue long into the night to assemble a callback list. The callbacks are very similar in format to Open Auditions except sometimes different fun gets thrown in. We’ve been known to jump into improv games or story telling to help everyone excel in their own way.

Lastly, if you don’t make it through, please come audition again. We can only let on so many people each semester. So auditioning again helps us see your dedication and interest and will only help your chances.

*NOTE* – UNC students initially audition to be on our incubator team, “The Disciples.” After spending at least one semester being coached in standup, improv, and sketch comedy, Disciples audition to become Profits. The Disciples have one show at the end of each semester on campus.

One Comment on “Audition.

  1. Hey what’s up! My name is Rumman and was looking to audition for False profits!

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