Not That Type of Funny Bone: Being a Woman in Comedy at UNC

By Ellie Rodriguez Hannah Jones’ dream for women in comedy is to one day be able to go up on stage and pretend to masturbate as a cisgender woman actually would, rather than the typical fake cis male jerking off on stage. Jones is the treasurer of False Profits—an improv, standup and sketch comedy group on campus— as well as one of the directors of Instruction for the Disciples, its incubator team. Women in mainstream comedy are becoming more noticeable. Amy Schumer’s “Trainwreck” was a huge summer hit, Tina Fey and Amy… Read More


It’s our favorite time of the year – NEW PROFIT TIME! Everyone, please join us in welcoming our THREE (3) NEW PROFITS ADRIAN GILLIAM ELLIE RODRIGUEZ DREW VOLLMER Please join us in congratulating them, and we can’t wait to get them on stage with us next semester! High Five, -FP

Alley Steele

Senior   Profit (September 2020 – Present) Disciple (January 2020) YAY NEW PROFITS