“Out of Place” Comedy Show We’re back! We’ve been hard at work for you throughout all this stupid cold weather. Luckily this show is going to be HOT with ALL NEW MATERIAL! It’s also going to be HOT with our HOT NEW PROFIT – Will(iam) Booth. So come heckle the shit out of him! There will be sketches There will be standup There will be improv And The Clef Hangers are opening for us!*

Spring Comedy Auditions

If you enjoy making people laugh, come try out for False Profits this Sunday at 7pm in Union 3205!! It’ll be the most fun you’ll have after dinner that day. No comedy experience is required! If we like your potential, we’re here to teach you! We are looking for comedians who like performing all styles of comedy rather than just one form. So for our auditions, those interested can perform:

“Too Silly For Jail” Comedy Show

Sunday, November 17, 2013 – 8:00pm – Hanes Art 121 LOOK OUT! Our tickets are HOT and ON SALE! If you want a $5 discount presale ticket, make sure you “Like” our Facebook Page and find a Profit to buy one!! Oh yeah….and RSVP to our Event. We like that.