FB Out of Place Cover Photo3

“Out of Place” Comedy Show

We’re back!

We’ve been hard at work for you throughout all this stupid cold weather. Luckily this show is going to be HOT with ALL NEW MATERIAL!

It’s also going to be HOT with our HOT NEW PROFIT – Will(iam) Booth. So come heckle the shit out of him!

There will be sketches
There will be standup
There will be improv
And The Clef Hangers are opening for us!*

This show is almost certainly going to be the best show in Chapman 201 that night. So don’t miss it!

You also save $1 off your ticket price and pay only $5 when you “Like” our Facebook page – False Profits. So go do that!! Also go RSVP to our Event!

Doors at 7:30 PM
Seating is limited, so arrive early!!

*The Clef Hangers are almost certainly not opening for us

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