“Shayne is Dead”

We unfortunately had to cut this sketch from our “Free (With Purchase)” show due to a technical issue with our PowerPoint. But we loved it so much that we decided to recreate it as a video sketch instead of a live sketch. We hope you enjoy!

Cube Apology (What were the odds? No seriously…)

Yeah, we know. What are the odds that this would happen? Seriously, what are the odds. Tell us the odds. We worked out the numbers and if you guess it right, you will get a free (with $5 donation) False Profits shotglass! If you guessed 1 in 425,000, you’d be close, but off by 5,000. In which direction? We’ll tell you if you fill out the form on the “Contact Us” page or shoot an email to FalseProfitsComedy@gmail.com. But back to what this blog post is about.  Look at this picture. We… Read More

“Free (With Purchase)” Comedy Show Announced

“Free (With Purchase)” Comedy Show Friday, April 4 – 8PM – Murray G202 We have a COMPLETELY NEW show hot and ready for you, and it’s 100% totally free (after you buy a ticket)!* It’ll be full of standup, improv, sketches and April foolery.