First off, on behalf of all of us, the 6 of you made our decision extremely tough. Every single one of you had people fighting for you and fighting hard. It sucks that we can only take so many Disciples because we’d love to have all 6 of you on our troupe, and we sincerely mean that. So please, please come back and audition in the fall because you should enter as early favorites to make the troupe. If you did not make the troupeĀ and would like the notes on what you… Read More

Please Welcome Our Newest Disciples!

It has been a blast getting to know y’all over the past 3 days. We genuinely wish we could have added all of you on to the troupe this semester. This was the largest Final Callback in False Profits’ history, so please feel good about being a part of this extremely strong talent pool. All of you are amazing performers, and we want to work with all of you. If you did not receive an invitation to join the Disciples, please join us atĀ our open workshops, and PLEASE audition in the spring…. Read More

Our Newest Disciples!

Please join us in congratulating our newest Disciples!! Marcy McLamb Caity Kelly Anita Simha Rachel Anderson Heather Wilson Erin Wygant Thank you to everyone who came out to our auditions this semester. It was a pleasure watching all of you perform, and if you didn’t make it, we encourage you to come out in future semesters because you all are very funny people. Please keep doing comedy. High Five, -FP

New Profits and Disciples!!!

Everyone, we’re proud to introduce our newest Profits!! Jordan Hale Hannah Jones Marcie Maier Joey Rasmus And we’d also like to thank