Please Welcome Our Newest Disciples!

It has been a blast getting to know y’all over the past 3 days. We genuinely wish we could have added all of you on to the troupe this semester. This was the largest Final Callback in False Profits’ history, so please feel good about being a part of this extremely strong talent pool. All of you are amazing performers, and we want to work with all of you. If you did not receive an invitation to join the Disciples, please join us at our open workshops, and PLEASE audition in the spring. You made it to Final Callbacks, understand the audition process, and the odds are in your favor for the future.

Again, if you did not receive a callback and would like the notes on what you could improve on, please don’t hesitate to message our Facebook Page or email us at

Without further ado, it is our pleasure to introduce our Fall 2014 Class of Disciples!

MacKinsey Cole
Ace Lane
Michael Lewis
Christian Prosperi
Jake Rohde
JJ Tyson

Congratulations to our newest Disciples! You will all be receiving information shortly on practice scheduling, and we look forward to working with you.

Thank you all for auditioning, and we hope to see all of you out on stage soon!

High Five,

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