More and more media coverage

In typical False Profits fashion, we keep the local media in business by supplying them with their daily dose of Profits. In all seriousness, we’re flattered that the news keeps being slow enough to have room to cover us. Thanks again Daily Tar Heel!

Cube Questions

This cube raises a lot questions. We will answer them. Questions Is there a comedy show? Did you all paint that amazing rendition of Olaf from Disney’s Frozen? Answers: Why yes, there is a comedy show. Click on the link to RSVP to our Out of Place Comedy Show. There will be improv, sketch, and standup comedy. No, no we didn’t. Now we’re embarrased you asked us. Now we feel inadequate. Only two questions. We made it out of there pretty easily.


“Out of Place” Comedy Show We’re back! We’ve been hard at work for you throughout all this stupid cold weather. Luckily this show is going to be HOT with ALL NEW MATERIAL! It’s also going to be HOT with our HOT NEW PROFIT – Will(iam) Booth. So come heckle the shit out of him! There will be sketches There will be standup There will be improv And The Clef Hangers are opening for us!*