Officially Approved

By Kenan Bateman

It took a couple months of work, but we’re proud to announce that earlier today, we were officially approved by UNC! There are too many people to thank for helping us out, but you know who you are, and know that we couldn’t have done it without you. Eric, Shayne, Kagan, and I couldn’t be more excited to help bring more comedy to Chapel Hill starting this fall. It’s going to be a lot of fun to train and work with some funny people to create great shows for the UNC campus.

So what exactly does this mean? Well first off, we’d like to officially announce that our name will be “False Profits.” We originally applied to be “Elegant Bullsh!t,” but UNC wasn’t exactly thrilled at the implied profanity. No worries! We love the new name! And the tie from the original logo has been incorporated into our new logo, which we will reveal in the coming days.

False Profits will be a variety comedy troupe. In a nutshell, this means we will perform all forms of comedy – standup, improv, and sketch – which no other group at UNC does. Standup comics will finally have a home here in Chapel Hill, and we’re glad to be creating that home. But what makes us truly unique is that all of our troupe members will perform all 3 forms of comedy, something that we haven’t found another college comedy troupe doing.

We will also have a training group. That training group will serve as an incubator team for the Profits. An elected Director of Instruction will coach that group in standup, improv and sketch comedy. As our Director of Instruction for the Fall, I am excited to have the opportunity to coach our new members. We have yet to name that group, but look for a name coming soon.

We will be holding tryouts for the group in August, and we’ll announce the details on those as soon as they are available. In the meantime, please go over to our Facebook Page and “Like” the page to stay up to date on all of our announcements over the summer.

Toss us a message on our Facebook Page if you want advice on how to prepare between now and then or if you want to know what we’re looking for….or if you want a delicious finger sandwich recipe because we have those.

START WORKING OUT YOUR MIC-HOLDING HANDS because it’s about to get TOASTY up in here!

-Kenan Bateman

Co-Founder & Director of Instruction

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