Final Callbacks (Fall 2017 Disciples)

First off, thank you all for a very entertaining night. It’s a pleasure watching all of you perform. So if you didn’t receive a callback, KEEP PERFORMING comedy and take advantage of all the learning and performing outlets around Chapel Hill including our workshops and Chapel Hilarity, a group that hosts standup workshops and open mics. Also come audition again, because we’d love to work with all of you.


If you did not receive a callback and would like the notes on what you could improve on, please don’t hesitate to message our Facebook Page or email us at

IMPORTANT INFO: For final callbacks, everyone will expected to perform two (2!) improv scenes and one (1!) set of stand-up, up to three (3!!!) minutes long.

We would like to call back the following people tomorrow at 8:30 in Hanes 121 (in no particular order) –

-Eli Wilde
-Alex Hauser
-Pavani Peri
-Kate Lindrum
-David Saff
-Bella Karpi
-Ryan Mahabir

At final callbacks, each of you will perform 2 improv scenes and 1 MAX 3-MIN standup set or story.

Again, thank you all for auditioning, and we hope to see all of you out on stage soon!

High Five,

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