Final Callbacks (Spring 2015 Disciple Auditions)

First off, thank you all for a very entertaining night. It’s a pleasure watching all of you perform. So if you didn’t receive a callback, KEEP PERFORMING comedy and take advantage of all the learning and performing outlets around Chapel Hill including our workshops and open mics we’ll have this semester. Also come audition again, because we’d love to work with all of you. If you did not receive a callback and would like the notes on what you could improve on, please don’t hesitate to message our Facebook Page or email us… Read More

Disciples Audition Callbacks (Spring 2015)

Wow. What a strong audition night. During our post-audition discussions, it came up multiple times how deeply talented this group of auditionees is. Y’all make our decisions very tough, but we applaud you for that. ALL of you are hilarious people and made us laugh. For those of you who did not receive callbacks, please audition again, come to our workshops, and look at classes at DSI Comedy Theater to improve your skills. And most of all, KEEP PERFORMING! We also are looking into hosting a student-only open mic here on campus, so please consider… Read More

Please Welcome Our Newest Disciples!

It has been a blast getting to know y’all over the past 3 days. We genuinely wish we could have added all of you on to the troupe this semester. This was the largest Final Callback in False Profits’ history, so please feel good about being a part of this extremely strong talent pool. All of you are amazing performers, and we want to work with all of you. If you did not receive an invitation to join the Disciples, please join us at our open workshops, and PLEASE audition in the spring…. Read More

Audition Final Callbacks

What an incredible night of auditions! We can’t even begin to say how blown away we are by y’all’s talent. And to have such talented people invested in this group means a lot to all of us. So we thank you for that. We thought deliberating last night was tough. Well, tonight was infinitely harder. We said it last night, and we’ll say it again, if you did not receive a callback, PLEASE come to our open workshops and audition again. Every single person had someone fighting for them tonight, which is why… Read More