Disciples Audition Callbacks (Spring 2015)

Wow. What a strong audition night. During our post-audition discussions, it came up multiple times how deeply talented this group of auditionees is. Y’all make our decisions very tough, but we applaud you for that. ALL of you are hilarious people and made us laugh. For those of you who did not receive callbacks, please audition again, come to our workshops, and look at classes at DSI Comedy Theater to improve your skills. And most of all, KEEP PERFORMING! We also are looking into hosting a student-only open mic here on campus, so please consider performing with us at that!

If you did not receive a callback and would like the notes on what you could improve on, please don’t hesitate to message our Facebook Page or email us at FalseProfitsComedy@gmail.com.

We would like to call back the following people tomorrow at 7PM in Union 3408 (in no particular order) –
-Scott McCraney
-Drew Vollmer
-Sydney Hale
-Jackson Hall
-Jeremiah Hartsock
-Chenda Kavithyam
-Madison Schafer
-Hunter Braddy
-Andre Ceccotti
-Tristan Jarrett
-Zachary Werder
-Shawna Kennedy
-Robert Haisfield
-Adriel Lubarski

For callbacks, you will do the opposite of what you did tonight. If you performed standup / 1 improv scene tonight, you will perform 2 improv scenes tomorrow. And if you performed 2 improv scenes, you will perform 1 improv scene / 1 MAX 3-MIN standup set – or simply tell an interesting story about anything in your life (could be your day up to the callback!). Remember that story you always tell about that thing that happened to you at that place? Tell us that. Remember, we are just looking to see your personality and delivery.

Also, should you receive another callback, all auditionees will be asked to tell one additional story / standup set at final callbacks. So even if you performed standup tonight, it would be worthwhile to begin considering a story you could tell on Tuesday.

Again, we’d like to stress the talent pool from tonight. Thank you all for auditioning, and we hope to see all of you out on stage soon!

High Five,

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