“False Profits, The Musical” Comedy Show Announced!

RSVP to the “False Profits, The Musical” Event on Facebook! *Not actually a musical* SENIOR SHOW (details below) THE ONLY SPRING 2015 FALSE PROFITS SHOW! Naysayers have labeled us as “The Worst A Cappella Group On Campus”….but we’re about to see if they’re right (they are right) But what about the standup, improv, and sketch comedy?! You told me there would be standup, improv and sketch comedy! Oh don’t you worry. There will be lots of standup, improv and sketch comedy (God dammit, Google. Rank us higher for “standup, improv and sketch… Read More

Congrats to Joey and Marcie!

Quick shout out to Joey and Marcie. They both were chosen to open for Lewis Black!! And this is Marcie’s second time! False Profits took 2/3 spots!! Come see them again on Friday at our “Our of Place” Comedy Show!! 8PM – Chapman 201 Lewis Black would want you to come.

Carolina’s Funniest Comic

What are you doing January 17th at 7:30PM? I didn’t hear a response, so you must not have plans! Go see False Profits’ Marcie Maier perform standup comedy during Round 1a of Carolina’s Funniest Comic Stand Up Competition at DSI Comedy Theater in Carrboro. We’ll buy your ticket for you! Wait, while we’re there, we should stick around afterward to see Round 1b at 9:00PM.  Another False Profit, Kenan “Hoost” Bateman will perform standup comedy, too. Let’s call it a date! Marcie and Kenan are among 36 standup acts from North Carolina and… Read More