Audition Callbacks

First off, we would like to thank everyone so much for auditioning. ALL of you were hilarious people and made us laugh. We can’t stress that enough. It took over 2 1/2 hours of deliberating to get a callback list, which says a lot about y’all’s talent. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE audition again if you did not receive a callback because you all are very talented. We will also be offering public workshops this semester if you would like to drop in, do some improv, and improve.

If you did not receive a callback and would like the notes on what you could improve on, please don’t hesitate to message our Facebook Page or email us at

We would like to call back the following people tomorrow at 7PM in Union 3411 (in no particular order) –
-Divya Shah
-Drew Vollmer
-JJ Tyson
-Matt Wilmot
-Allison Eames
-Hunter Braddy
-Jerrold Fernandes
-Elinor Solnick
-Zachary Werder
-Michelle Muscara
-Claire Koenig
-Waylon Ferrell
-Conor Whitlark
-Jason Maraveyias
-MacKinsey Cole
-Jake Rohde
-Michael Lewis
-Jeremiah Hartsock
-Christian Prosperi
-Jackson Hall
-Carolyn Coons
-Ace Lane

For callbacks, everyone will play in 2 improv scenes with another auditionee. Those who did not perform standup tonight will be asked to perform a MAX 3-MIN standup set or simply tell a story about anything in their life (could be your day up to the callback!). Those who performed standup tonight have the option to perform an additional set or tell a story, but they are not required. We are not looking for these to be polished, hilarious, memorized sets like Louis CK. We are just looking to see your personality and delivery.

Again, we’d like to stress the talent pool from tonight. Thank you all for auditioning tonight, and we hope to see all of you out on stage soon!

High Five,

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