“We’re Trying, Mom” Comedy Show ANNOUNCED!

%22We're Trying, Mom%22 Show Cover

“We’re Trying, Mom” Comedy Show

Saturday, October 4 – 8PM – Hanes Art 121

WE’RE BACK! And we’ve got new toys – mainly A HUGE ASS SUBWOOFER. We’ve learned that every song has bass if you want it to (and you’ll learn too if you come)!

This will be a night full of standup, bass, improv, bass, sketches, bass, and bass*.

It’s also Peter and Scarves’ first show as Profits. So come support** them!

Doors at 7:30 PM
Seating is limited due to equipment eliminating seating, so please come early to guarantee a seat!!

You save $1 off your ticket and pay only $5 when you “Like” our Facebook page – False Profits.


High Five,

*There will be bass.

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