A Fond Farewell

Thank you so much. That deserves its own line because I can’t thank everyone enough for the support you’ve given both me and this group over the past 2½ years. As I just completed my final course at Carolina last week, I officially became an alum of this comedy group, and it’s a little surreal to step aside. Before I get too deep into this and everyone stops reading, I just want to say – as Jon Stewart so eloquently put it the other night – “This is only a pause in… Read More

“False Profits, The Musical” Comedy Show Announced!

RSVP to the “False Profits, The Musical” Event on Facebook! *Not actually a musical* SENIOR SHOW (details below) THE ONLY SPRING 2015 FALSE PROFITS SHOW! Naysayers have labeled us as “The Worst A Cappella Group On Campus”….but we’re about to see if they’re right (they are right) But what about the standup, improv, and sketch comedy?! You told me there would be standup, improv and sketch comedy! Oh don’t you worry. There will be lots of standup, improv and sketch comedy (God dammit, Google. Rank us higher for “standup, improv and sketch… Read More

Carolina’s Funniest Comic

What are you doing January 17th at 7:30PM? I didn’t hear a response, so you must not have plans! Go see False Profits’ Marcie Maier perform standup comedy during Round 1a of Carolina’s Funniest Comic Stand Up Competition at DSI Comedy Theater in Carrboro. We’ll buy your ticket for you! Wait, while we’re there, we should stick around afterward to see Round 1b at 9:00PM.  Another False Profit, Kenan “Hoost” Bateman will perform standup comedy, too. Let’s call it a date! Marcie and Kenan are among 36 standup acts from North Carolina and… Read More


In a nutshell, the Daily Tarheel loves us and keeps pushing us to sell issues (so we tell ourselves). Go check out our newest article — http://www.dailytarheel.com/article/2014/01/comedy-in-the-triangle-0110