Audition Callbacks

Thanks to everyone who came out tonight! It means a lot to us to see that you all care about this group. We laughed a ton and you all are hilarious.

We would like to call back the following people (in no particular order)

-Memet Walker
-Adrian Gilliam
-Marcie Maier
-Christina Luke
-Jordan Hale
-Peter McWilliams
-Hannah Jones
-Will Broadwell
-Joey Rasmus
-Jason Maraveyias
-Will Booth
-Josh Alexander
-Drew Hoag

For the callback you can do a different 3-5 minute set AND improv scenes or just improv scenes again.

Again if you’re not on this list, we encourage you to come back in future auditions and seek out classes at DSI Comedy Theater. You all are very talented.

High Five,

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