Final Callbacks

Thanks to everyone who came out tonight. We had so much fun and it took us hours to deliberate on y’all. It was a really tough decision. But our choice boiled down to those that we felt best fit the mold of comedians that can grow and prosper as both standup and improv comedians. All of you are funny people, and we encourage you to come back in future semesters if you weren’t called back.

We would like to call back the following people Monday at 8pm in Union 3201.

-Adrian Gilliam
-Marcie Maier
-Jordan Hale
-Peter McWilliams
-Hannah Jones
-Joey Rasmus
-Will(iam) Booth
-Josh Alexander

Again thanks to everyone who tried out, and please keep doing what you’re doing because you’re hilarious people. Tonight was a ton of fun and one of the hardest choices we’ve made.

High Five,

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